• The World-Leader in Infrared Saunas.

  • Elegant, Clean and Toxin-Free.

  • Entirely Handcrafted.

  • Pure Ceramic Heaters.

  • 100% Made in Canada.

  • Beautiful and Effective.

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Welcome to SaunaRay Far Infrared saunas.

Pure and Natural, Canadian-made saunas handcrafted from the finest toxin-free materials.

Our Saunas

SaunaRay SR1 - Compact

Comfortably fits One Person. 120V 15 Amps. Footprint is 39 inches x 36 inches.
74 inches tall.

SaunaRay SR2 - Two Seater

Comfortably fits Two People. 120V 15 Amps. Footprint is 48 inches x 39 inches.
74 inches tall.

SaunaRay SR3 - Luxury Size

A single lie down bench, or fits Three comfortably. 240V 20 Amps. Footprint is 73 inches x 39 inches. 74 inches tall.

SaunaRay SR4 - Family Size

One 6 foot, and a second 4 foot bench. 240V 20 Amps. Footprint is 73 inches x 51 inches. 74 inches tall.


Ask about our special SaunaRay rehydration salts, lumbar support backrests and towel racks.

Custom Saunas

Design you own dream sauna. SaunaRay will build the heating system and supply the wood.

Commercial Saunas

SaunaRay has built for NHL Hockey Teams, Canadian Armed Forces, Naturopathic Colleges

Athletic Saunas

Cycle Saunas, Yoga Saunas, SaunaRay is the world innovator in designing saunas for exercise.

Our Guarantee

Pure Ceramic Heaters.

SaunaRay's heating system is built with solid ceramic and stainless steel, just like the dishes you eat off.

Non-Allergenic Wood.

SaunaRay selects non allergenic Basswood from standing trees to ensure purity from forest to your home.


SaunaRay is the industry leader in designing EMF-Safe heaters. Trusted by doctors treating sensitivie patients.

Toxin Free

Each sauna is constructed under strict environmentally controlled conditions in our Canadian factory. Built toxin-free.