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Why SaunaRay is the most trusted name in infrared saunas.

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A decade of satisfied customers.

SaunaRay saunas are the workhorse of any clinic. The toxin-free cabinet construction is built with the same methods used to build antique furniture. That means they are solid, dependable and durable. They are designed to last 100 years.

Our toxin-free heater design means even our electrical system is connected with heavy ceramics instead of standard plastic connectors. For your patients' peace of mind this means there is zero toxicity and negligible emf radiation (0.2 miliGaus).

As a result of our decade-long devotion to purity, SaunaRay units are trusted by medical offices, colleges of naturopathic medicine from coast to coast, NHL hockey training facilities, and even the Canadian Armed Forces.

The last thing a professional wants is a broken machine in their office. SaunaRay guarantees your sauna for life. If it breaks we fix it. No charge.

From medical doctors to relaxing health spas there are two guiding principles for professionals who choose SaunaRay: Low toxicity and High durability. You'll find both in your SaunaRay, along with a uniquely gentle heat and the most effective and proven detoxification in the world.

After all these years, we won't let you down.