2 Person
Infrared Sauna

SaunaRay SR2 – Two Seater

This is by far the most popular SaunaRay unit. Our 2 person infrared sauna is the biggest one that can still be plugged into any regular household outlet. No wiring is required! It’s 4′ wide, and you can place your back against the sidewall and get your feet up on the bench for maximum comfort. It feels like a perfect “sauna for one,” but we call it the Two Seater because it will fit two (if you know the other person well enough!).


What our clients say

Dimensions of the SaunaRay SR2 two-person infrared sauna


48″ wide x 39″ deep x 73″ tall

220 lbs fully assembled

Regular 110-volt household outlet. No wiring required

2 people (Friends or relatives)

25″ wide

Installation Time:
20 minutes

A picture of a SaunaRay 2 person infrared sauna with its side door closed.
A picture of a saunaray 2 person infrared sauna from its top view

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