Low EMF Infrared Sauna

“The Safest Sauna in the World”

  – Suzanne Somers TV Show – 2012

SaunaRay builds the original Low EMF Infrared Sauna. That’s because our saunas are 100% made in North America and are compatible with the North American electrical grid. Imported saunas need to be adapted to our electrical standard, and this is done with transformers that leak electrical and magnetic fields.

Ultra-Low EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field)

“Other Low EMR Infrared Saunas tend to have high magnetic fields, which is a problem for people who need to detoxify and for those who are electrically sensitive. One exception is SaunaRay. The SaunaRay units have the lowest magnetic fields of any saunas we’ve measured,” reports Dr. Magda Havas, Ph.D. Associate Professor Environmental & Resource Studies, Trent University, Canada.

SaunaRay ensures your saunas have the lowest EMF of any sauna in the world. The electrical leakage is barely detectable at 0.2 milligauss. This is 10 times lower than the safe “limit”.

 It is up to 80 times lower than other brands on the market, especially those using “carbon fibre” style heating systems. SaunaRay is safe for people with electrical sensitivities.