Quality Heaters

The Magic of SaunaRay Heaters

Like Heat from the Sun

SaunaRay’s unique infrared emitting ceramic elements are made with natural Silica. This is the same element nature uses to make a beach. There is a reason why humans love beaches. It’s because the Silica in the sand reflects heat from the Sun at the exact frequency where water absorbs heat from the Sun.

Water Loves Heat

The Human body is made largely of water. When SaunaRay’s silica-based ceramic elements are turned on, it causes the water inside you to absorb the heat so efficiently into your skin that it triggers your sweat glands before your core body temperature rises. This means you can breathe normally in a gently warm room at 27-45C (80-115F), and it feels like you’re lying on a beach. This feeling cannot be imitated by heaters built with complex chemicals such as carbon fibre or other composite substrates. It only works with pure porcelain ceramic made from Silica.  

Magical Heat

The magic of SaunaRay’s ceramic infrared heaters is their capacity to mimic heat from the Sun. The feeling doesn’t lie. There is nothing like being in a SaunaRay.