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High quality infrared handmade sauna

SaunaRay & climate change

Climate change can be a depressing subject when people realize how long it will take to turn around, and how far behind we are in reversing it.  While nations meet and talk and politicians roll out policies for carbon taxes, and airlines sell upgrades to make your air-polluting flight more “carbon neutral”, it’s normal to… Continue reading →

A picture of a 4 person infrared sauna from the left side with it's front door closed. Hadcrafted by SaunaRay, and made from Canadian Basswood.

Athletic Repair: Infrared Saunas and Muscle Ache Repair

There’s no question that using a far infrared sauna feels great! It’s relaxing, and it induces a nice healthy sweat without the extreme heat of a traditional sauna. But does a far infrared sauna actually help with muscle repair? Many elite athletes now include a FIR sauna as part of their training regimen. Particularly athletes… Continue reading →

A picture of a SaunaRay 4 person infrared sauna with it's door open

Tips on Finding the Perfect Sauna for Your Home

Saunas are known for offering a relaxing environment that might help to ease sore muscles and provide other benefits. There’s no doubt that getting one for your home can be a smart move. A home infrared sauna means you can conveniently enjoy this heated environment from the comfort of your own home. They operate without… Continue reading →

Custom Far Infrared Sauna Custom Built by SaunaRay

How to Put a Sauna in Your Apartment or Condo

Have you always wanted a home sauna, but couldn’t have one since you live in an apartment or condo? Do you enjoy sitting in the sauna at your gym, but think that you have to be rich and live in a mansion to have your own sauna at home? It’s time to think again. Our… Continue reading →

A picture of stack of basswood. The wood we use in our basswood sauna

Best Wood Choices for Your Sauna

Having an infrared sauna for your home provides you with a convenient and comfortable way to relax after a long day or week. When it comes to choosing a sauna, one of the first decisions to make is the wood for it. What kinds of wood are the best options for saunas? Learn more about… Continue reading →

How Long Should You Stay in an Infrared Sauna?

A far infrared sauna offers a comfortably warm place to relax and ease stress. These saunas are also being studied for potential physical health benefits. If you plan to use one of these saunas, how long should you stay in it? Keep the following in mind the next time you use a sauna. First-Time Sauna… Continue reading →

a picture of a SaunaRay far infrared sauna set up within an customers home gym

Including An Infrared Sauna in Your Home Gym

When it comes to staying in shape, many people have come to the conclusion that there’s no place like home for getting their workouts. After all, people with a home gym have the luxury of being able to exercise whenever it’s convenient for them. And for many, a gym simply isn’t a real gym unless… Continue reading →

Right Side View of the Four Person Far Infrared Sauna Handmade by SaunaRay

Some Important Tips for Buying Your First Home Infrared Sauna

Owning a home infrared sauna provides a convenient way for you to relax and enjoy a pleasantly heated environment. When you’re buying an infrared sauna for the first time, it’s important to do some research before you decide which one to get. The following tips can help you choose the right infrared sauna for your… Continue reading →

A man lying down inside a 3 person infrared sauna made by SaunaRay

How Hot Can an Infrared Sauna Get?

Saunas are designed to heat your body enough to trigger your sweat glands. However, the temperature that saunas reach differs depending on the type you’re sitting in. Traditional saunas (European style) are designed to reach very high temperatures, sometimes almost boiling point, which can make you feel uncomfortably hot and make it hard to breathe… Continue reading →