Traditional Craftsmanship

Every SaunaRay is crafted by hand in Collingwood, Ontario, with a vision for high function and exceptional beauty.

Made to Last a Lifetime

When my parents were married in 1960, They bought a seven-foot-long sofa, hand made in Toronto, Canada. Probably from the Sear’s catalogue. By 1975 that seven-foot-long sofa had been used as a living room trampoline by three children and half the neighbourhood, all of us growing larger and heavier every year. By 1980, with the kids grown into teenagers, my parents updated the living room furniture and carried the seven-foot sofa down to the basement “rec-room.” By 1990 with the kids grown up and moved out, my parents updated the living room one last time and moved the upstairs furniture downstairs again, and the seven-foot sofa was trucked out to the summer cottage – the last stand for any furniture at the end of its life.

To this day, SaunaRay handcrafts every one of our saunas with the same approach to longevity as that 1960’s handmade furniture. We only build about 500 saunas each year because you can’t rush quality. Our Canadian team of designers and carpenters work carefully for 11 months of the year. Each year in July, we take a break, and I drive back home to my parents’ summer cottage on the lake, where I still spend evenings stretched out on that seven-foot sofa that is still as comfortable as the day it was made sixty years ago. I hope your kids will enjoy your SaunaRay as much as you do, sixty years from now.


Rodney Palmer
SaunaRay Inc.