Environmental Policies

“There is nowhere on earth where we cannot measure pollution from human industry.” Dr. David Suzuki, Author, Broadcaster and Founder of the David Suzuki Foundation.

We support the philosophy of the Small Footprint. It’s simple: The closer you shop to home, the less damage you cause to the environment. SaunaRay is made in Ontario from Ontario wood. Our 100-mile philosophy means all the parts that go into your unique Pure and Natural sauna are found within a short drive of our factory. Never from China. Always from home. We won’t use deliberately confusing language like “mostly assembled in Canada” or “Made in part with Canadian Wood” or “sold by a Canadian Company.” We say it plain and simple, just like it is: “Made in Canada.”

SaunaRay is Made In Canada. Here’s why: When Canadian wood is shipped thousands of miles across the Pacific, it burns unnecessary fossil fuels that pollute the global environment. This is proven to be shrinking the polar ice caps. This is something people care about. One of the few things we can do is buy locally. It has an impact and will continue to for decades. Exposure to fossil fuel pollution is why many people are forced to purchase an infrared sauna in the first place – to detoxify. It makes no sense to create more pollution when shopping for a solution.

SaunaRay is made in Ontario and uses only trees grown in Ontario. We exclusively use Ontario-grown Basswood, which was selected because it is non-allergenic and qualifies for what we believe to be the only toxin-free pure and natural sauna on the planet. And Basswood is also an environmentally sensitive choice. It matures in only seven years and is therefore considered a sustainable wood. One of the main tenets of Sustainable Development is to use materials that can be renewed before the product’s life span is over. SaunaRay units will last for decades, and the Basswood can be renewed four, five, maybe even six times before the life span of your unit has been reached. This means you leave a small footprint when you buy a SaunaRay, and one day you can Will it to your grandchildren.

SaunaRay does not use Canadian Cedar due to its natural toxicity. It contains a neurotoxin in the oil that kills moths and naturally stresses the human immune system. Doctors will not use it in their practices because about 35% of the human population is allergic to Cedar. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, Western Red Cedar is often more than one thousand years old when it is “harvested” to attain that perfect knot-free board. There are some trees in western Canada and the US that are believed to have been saplings at the time when Jesus, Socrates, Buddha, and Confucius walked our Earth. These majestic trees are cut from magical forests on the west coast of Canada, leaving a barren landscape unrecognizable as the forest that once stood there and one that cannot be replaced. This is another reason why SaunaRay guarantees you only toxin-free Ontario wood that regenerates in a few years.

All the time. Every time. We ensure your sauna wood is environmentally sustainable.  It is another way to show our customers that we care about you and about the environment in which we all live.SaunaRay gives back to the Earth. SaunaRay is a corporate member of the Nature Challenge designed by the Suzuki Foundation. We have donated time from our marketing team to help outlaw cosmetic pesticides in the town of Collingwood, Ontario, where we build your saunas. We support meat-free eating at least once per week. We shop at our local organic food market all summer long. We built our factory on the same land where we live. We strongly support primary prevention as the number one road to optimal health and donate hundreds of hours every year to public education for children’s health and disease prevention.