Infrared Sauna Benefits

For centuries civilizations have relied on induced sweating to maintain optimum health. From the Nords to the Romans, to the Native North Americans, sweating is induced to ensure health and longevity.

Infrared Sauna Benefits Discussion

SaunaRay has designed a modern twist on this ancient ritual. Our ceramic infrared heating elements mimic the heat reflected by beach sand into the ocean and create a feeling of calm relaxation. The lower temperatures allow you to sweat without raising your core body temperature. This means you can breathe normally while inducing a profuse sweat. You can stay inside longer and relax instead of enduring a super-heated environment. It’s like going to the beach with the flick of a switch.

SaunaRay Functional Windows

SaunaRay’s unique functional window allows you to control the fresh air intake to your own desire. This ensures your core body temperature remains normal and you do not overheat while using your SaunaRay.