6 Common Myths About Infrared Saunas

Having a sauna in your home might sound impossible because of historic requirements that made them off-limits for many homes. However, infrared saunas represent an evolution in saunas and the new design allows anyone to place them in any room of your home, almost overnight. Whether you’re considering getting a 2 person infrared sauna or a larger one for a bigger family, keep the following information about infrared sauna myths in mind.

Myth #1: High Operating Costs

You might think that having a sauna means your electric bill will skyrocket, and in the past, it would. Earlier sauna models had high amperage draws in order to super-heat the room and make you sweat by overheating your lungs. That meant big electrical bills, sometimes hundreds of dollars per month if you used it every day. That’s because they had to pre-heat for an hour or more and run at full capacity for another hour while you use it.  

Infrared saunas heat up in 10 minutes and most of them have the same electrical requirements as a standard hairdryer. That saves hundreds of dollars per month.  A good infrared sauna can be run every day for only $3-$4/month. That’s about 25 cents per use!  In fact, you can find infrared saunas that can be plugged into your current existing household outlets. Instead of having huge electric bills, you should only notice a slight increase, which depends on how often you use your sauna.

Myth #2: Steam Is Needed, Mold is a Danger.

Traditional saunas are known for producing steam. They are normally built with vapour barriers and use highly aromatic Cedar because of their natural antifungal properties. But infrared saunas are different. Infrared saunas do not produce steam to help you sweat. Instead, these saunas use ceramic heating elements that generate a gentle heat that warms your skin and triggers your sweat glands from the outside, instead of requiring a superheated steamy environment. When you use an infrared sauna, you’ll still sweat from sitting in a heated environment. However, your core body temperature won’t increase, so you sit comfortably in it much longer and get more enjoyment out of your sauna.

Myth #3: Saunas Have to be Outside.

If you’ve heard saunas can’t be put in houses, you might be thinking of the older style of a traditional sauna. These often required a floor drain, a water source, heaters, even a wood-fired stove, and plenty of space for installation. Today’s infrared saunas do not require any drains, vents or plumbing, since they don’t require any water. These saunas are also versatile enough to be installed almost anywhere in your home, depending on how much space you need. You can place them on any floor surface, and plug them into any existing outlet.

Myth #4:  Infrared Saunas emit Harmful Radiation

Far infrared saunas emit heat. Period. The “rays” are simply the wavelengths referred to in describing the type of heat. “Infra-red” simply means “below-red”.  That means the surface of the element gets hot, but not “red-hot”.  If it’s red-hot you can see the light in it, represented by the red colour.  If it’s “infra-red” then you can’t see any colour or light. This is the safest way to heat a person. Unlike exposure to UV rays or other forms of radiation like X-Rays, being exposed to far infrared radiant heat does not have harmful effects. Far infrared light causes your body to absorb heat so efficiently that you sweat at lower temperatures, but it does not raise your internal body heat.

Myth #5:  Saunas are only for Cold Climates.

You don’t have to live in a cold climate to enjoy using a sauna. People in warm climates are also benefiting from having an infrared sauna in their home. Many people in Florida, California, Arizona, Texas and other warm states have been installing infrared saunas in their homes for decades. Even doctors in the Amazon, South Africa and Australia are using infrared saunas for their patients. No matter where you live, you can use your infrared sauna in the comfort of your home. In fact, having your sauna installed inside your home means you can use it all year round without having to worry about adverse weather or extreme temperatures.

Myth #6:  Expensive to Buy

Far infrared saunas might seem like a luxury that you’ll need to spend a considerable amount of money on. You can purchase one of these saunas for your home at affordable costs, though. Depending on your budget, you can find a far infrared sauna in your price range. And if you buy one that is handcrafted and comes with a LifeTime warranty, you can average down the cost over decades of use, and it will cost only pennies a day. It’s a lifetime investment in your health.

Find the Perfect 2 Person Infrared Sauna

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