Two people enjoying the SaunaRay far infrared two-person sauna

9 Ways to Make the Most of Your Infrared Sauna Session

Infrared saunas can offer an ideal way to unwind after a long day, or to jump-start your morning. These saunas provide plenty of heat, but they don’t raise your core temperature an uncomfortable amount. This means you can look forward to enjoying longer sauna sessions compared to traditional saunas. Before going to your next 2 person infrared sauna session, keep the following tips in mind in order to get the most out of it.

Choose a Healthy Sauna

Most infrared saunas contain toxic materials, such as formaldehyde and chemical glue, or plastic heaters disguised as “carbon fiber”. For the best sauna experience, you should choose a sauna made from non-toxic materials, such as basswood, with ceramic elements. This helps ensure that you’re not exposed to potentially harmful materials during your sauna session.

Decide on a Time

Having your sauna session at the right time of day can help you maximize your session. You might choose to sit in your infrared sauna in the evening in order to relax after work, or you might want to use a sauna in the morning for a little energy boost and added focus throughout your day.

Do a Warm-Up Exercise Session

A little exercise before your sauna session can help dilate or expand your blood vessels. This helps your muscles feel more relaxed when you’re inside the sauna. Consider doing some light exercise before taking your sauna sessions, such as stretches or yoga.

Rinse Your Skin

You should enter the sauna with clear skin, so it’s important to rinse off lotions, oils, makeup or other substances. Going into the sauna after rinsing or washing your skin helps keep your pores clean and clear and allows your sweat to flow freely.

Drink Plenty of Water

Staying hydrated is important when you use a sauna since your body will be sweating a lot. You should drink water before entering the sauna, and while you’re in it. You should also drink water after leaving the sauna.

Position Yourself for Maximum Heat Exposure

Exposing your body to infrared heat can ease tension and help you feel relaxed. You can sit comfortably in the middle of your sauna for a gentle even heat. Or you can position a sore part of your body like your lower back, or a shoulder, or knee, placing it extra close to a heater to benefit from the concentrated heat on a localized area that needs a little extra attention.

Watch the Time

How long you stay in an infrared sauna can affect how beneficial it is. You should aim to stay in the sauna for roughly 20 to 30 minutes at first. You should be able to stay in for longer periods of time when your body is used to the heat. Make sure you get an infrared sauna with a functional window that opens. This is critical to adjusting the heat to your own comfort level, in a hurry if you need to.

Focus on Relaxation

When you’re in the sauna, let your mind relax. You might meditate or listen to soft music while soaking up the heat. This can help ease any stress or tension you’re feeling.

Rinse Off Afterwards

Just as you rinse off your skin before entering the sauna, you should also rinse off after leaving it. This helps to remove sweat from your body, so you stay clean. Otherwise, all of that sweat can clog your pores.

Find Your New 2 Person Infrared Sauna

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