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The story of how we build you the cleanest, safest sauna in the world....

The SaunaRay Story

Rodney Palmer - President

Every SaunaRay unit is hand crafted in our toxin free factory in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. Each part is carefully selected and assembled with expert precision. Unlike cheaper alternatives, SaunaRay will never use cheaper materials that may contain formaldehyde, toxic glue, chemical fire retardants, plastic or fibre glass heaters. SaunaRay uses only natural and solid Ontario Basswood. We carve each piece to perfection and assemble your sauna the old fashioned way, one piece at a time. We finish your sauna by hand, with pure Canadian Beeswax. Every SaunaRay unit is a work of high function and fine beauty.

SaunaRay Environmental Policies

"There is nowhere on earth where we cannot measure pollution from human industry." Dr. David Suzuki, Author, Broadcaster and Founder of the David Suzuki Foundation

We support the philosophy of the Small Footprint. It's simple: The closer you shop to home the less damage you cause to the environment. SaunaRay is made in Ontario from Ontario wood. Our 100-mile philosophy means all the parts that go into your unique Pure and Natural sauna are found within a short drive of our factory. Never from China. Always from home. We won't use deliberately confusing language like "mostly assembled in Canada" or "Made in part with Canadian Wood" or "sold by a Canadian Company." We say it plain and simple just like it is: "Made In Canada".

SaunaRay is Made In Canada. Here's why: When Canadian wood is shipped thousands of miles across the Pacific it burns unnecessary fossil fuels that pollute the global environment. This is proven to be shrinking the polar ice caps. This is something people care about. One of the few things we can do is Buy Locally. It has an impact and will continue to for decades. Exposure to fossil fuel pollution is why many people are forced to purchase a Far Infrared sauna in the first place - to detoxify. It makes no sense to create more pollution when shopping for a solution.

SaunaRay is Made in Ontario and uses only trees grown in Ontario. We exclusively use Ontario-grown Basswood which was selected because it is non-allergenic and qualifies for what we believe to be the only toxin-free Pure and Natural sauna on the planet. And Basswood is also an environmentally sensitive choice. It matures in only seven years and is therefore considered a sustainable wood. One of the main tenets of Sustainable Development is to use materials that can be renewed before the life span of the product is over. SaunaRay units will last for decades and the Basswood can be renewed four, five, maybe even six times before the life span of your unit has been reached. This means you Leave a Small Footprint when you buy a SaunaRay, and one day you can Will it to your grandchildren.

Canadian Cedar is not used by SaunaRay due to its natural toxicity. It contains a neurotoxin in the oil that kills moths and naturally stresses the human immune system. Doctors will not use it in their practices because about 35% of the Human population is allergic to Cedar. Western Red Cedar is often more than one thousand years old when it is "harvested" in order to attain that perfect knot-free board. These majestic trees are cut from magical forests on the west coast of Canada leaving a barren landscape unrecognizable as the forest that once stood there. This is another reason why SaunaRay guarantees you only toxin free Ontario wood. All the time. Every time. It is another way to show our customers that we care about you, and about the environment in which we all live.

SaunaRay gives back to the Earth. SaunaRay is a corporate member the Nature Challenge designed by the Suzuki Foundation. We have donated time from our marketing team to help outlaw cosmetic pesticides in the town of Collingwood, Ontario where we build your saunas. We support meat free eating at least once per week. We shop at our local organic food market all summer long. We built our factory on the same land where we live. We strongly support primary prevention as the number one road to optimal health and donate hundreds of hours every year to public education for children's health and disease prevention.

Leadership /

Why SaunaRay stands apart in a global market.

Our Toxin Free Guarantee - A Recipe for the World's Cleanest Sauna

Solid Ontario Basswood. Selected for its allergy-free characteristics, warm wood tones and natural beauty. Thick planks of wood ensure it can be assembled without glue. Solid Ceramic Far Infrared heaters. Chosen for purity, warmth and longevity. Pure and Natural Stainless Steel. Solid toxin-free, and naturally rust proof. Tempered glass. Toxin free, child safe, locally made. Canadian Beeswax. Carefully selected and hand rubbed onto the outside of your sauna creating a natural toxin-free protective coating. Natural Ingredients only for your 100% Toxin Free Sauna.

Ultra-Low EMF - Electro-Magnetic Field

"Infrared Saunas tend to have high magnetic fields, which is a problem for people who need to detoxify, and for those who are electrically sensitive. One exception is SaunaRay. The SaunaRay units have the lowest magnetic fields of any saunas we've measured." Dr. Magda Havas, PhD. Associate Professor Environmental & Resource Studies, Trent University, Canada.
SaunaRay ensures your saunas have the lowest EMF of any sauna in the world. The electrical leakage is barely detectable at 0.2 miliGaus. This is 10X lower than the safe "limit".
It is up to 80X lower than other brands on the market, especially those using "carbon fiber" style heating systems. SaunaRay is safe for people with electrical sensitivities. Often removing mercury and other heavy metals from the body via sweat can reduce the symptoms of electrical sensitivity.

SaunaRay Chemical-Free Policies

All of our saunas are built free of toxic chemicals. We will never use formaldehyde by hiding plywood in the roof or floor, or anywhere else in your sauna. We will not use plastic or fiberglass in our heaters. We will not add chemical fire retardants, or toxic glues on our protective heater covers. We will not install air fresheners, plastic ionizers or any other plastic material inside your sauna. Plastic binders called phthalates are linked to breast cancer. We will not use halogen of fluorescent lights inside your sauna. Inside a sauna there is no safe distance for Halogen lighting. We use only incandescent lights for your comfort and safety.

Beware of Carbon Heaters

"I bought a Carbon heated sauna because it was the "latest technology" but apparently the latest technology is not always great with saunas. It had such a high electromagnetic field problem that I had to gut the heaters and buy an entirely new set from SaunaRay. I love it now that I have the SaunaRay heaters!" Bob Connolly, Toronto, 2010

Buyers should beware that you may purchase a carbon heated sauna for as little as $600 Canadian dollars. You should be even more aware, that it may not be worth that. Those heaters are re-purposed in-floor heating pads. They are made of plastic and fibreglass and are designed to be encased in tiles under your floor. With plastics, polymers and solvents, they are not suitable for heating up inside a room that you intend to sit inside while naked. These heaters fail more than any other type that SaunaRay has been hired to replace.

SaunaRay Toxin-Free Heaters

Capture the Healing Power of the Sun: Infrared heat is not high-tech. Infrared heat is the most natural way for your body to absorb heat from the sun. Your sauna should also be natural and that's why no adhesives, solvents, fibreglass, asbestos or toxic metals are used in your SaunaRay heating system.

Protect Yourself and Your Children: SaunaRay provides uniquely designed heater guards that are both child-safe and toxin-free. They are naturally coated in pure ceramic, utilizing natural heat reflection properties. Designed exclusively by SaunaRay's Research and Development Team.

Standing Our Ground: Out of loyalty to the customers who have come to trust the name SaunaRay, we have resisted the industry trend toward cheaper heaters with hidden toxins such as fiberglass, nylon, epoxy, toxic resins, chemical hardeners, metal coatings, fire retardants, paint or asbestos. We will never depart from our founding philosophy to build a toxin free sauna every time. We will never trick you by substituting unproven, inferior or toxic components simply to save money. SaunaRay Guarantees Toxin-Free Heaters every time.

Ergonomic Design

Designed correctly, your sauna should be comfortable. Like medicine that tastes good.

Medical doctors report to SaunaRay that they prefer our corner mounted heaters so that patients do not overheat organ tissue and spinal fluid during longer sessions.

SaunaRay heaters are carefully placed in each corner, and under the bench to provide a perfectly even heat, while allowing you to sit with your back comfortably against the back wall, as you would expect to in a sauna.

There are no uncomfortable heaters against your back or head.

SaunaRay is time tested. For a decade our customers consistently report that this is the most comfortable sauna they have ever tried. We're redefining your comfort zone.

SaunaRay is Ergonomically Designed with Your Comfort in Mind.