a picture of a SaunaRay far infrared sauna set up within an customers home gym

How to Use a Sauna After a Workout

After you workout, you can have this incredible sense of accomplishment. If you are like most people, you will get in the shower to clean up and then get on with the rest of your day. However, your workout routine may be missing one step that could be highly rewarding: a quick trip to a 2 person infrared sauna.

Just a few minutes in the sauna after a workout takes your workout routine to the next level. Let’s take a look at why you would want a sauna experience after your workout and how to use a sauna after your typical fitness routine.

The Benefits of Using the 2 Person Infrared Sauna After a Workout

Increased Blood Flow

The heat your body is exposed to in the sauna helps to elevate your heart rate, which in turn encourages additional blood flow. As blood passes through the cardiovascular system it helps to bring your blood pressure back to a stabilized state.

Encourage Detox

Sweating is the body’s natural way of both keeping cool and pushing out free radicals and toxins. As you spend time in the sauna, the heat from the infrared lamps encourages your sweat glands to start working before your core body temperature goes up. 

Support Muscle Recovery

The heat from the sauna may help target some of the sore muscles you have after a workout. The heat may soothe inflammation, which can help the muscles heal and recover quicker.

How to Use a Sauna After Your Workout

To reap the benefits of a sauna after your workout, you can go straight into the infrared sauna because the heat is not nearly as high as in a European-style sauna. If you go in at 30C or less, it’s still easy to breathe, but your skin is ready to absorb that heat and start sweating right away. 

Here are a few other tips to keep in mind.

Keep Your Sessions Short

If you are more accustomed to using a sauna after working out, you may be able to handle slightly longer sessions. However, it is generally best to stick to sessions of about 10 minutes after your workout. Remember, your body has already been challenged during your exercise routine, so you may not be able to handle long stints as you normally would when using a sauna at normal times.

Stay Hydrated

Replenishing your bodily fluids will be important while you are using the sauna, especially since you are likely to lose a lot of fluids during your workout. Also, taking in adequate water will help flush the body, encourage blood flow, and keep your muscles limber. Take a bottle of water with you into the sauna and drink when you feel thirsty. Continue to hydrate after you leave the sauna.

Pay Attention to Your Body

The most important thing to do when using the sauna after your work out is to pay attention to your body. If you feel weak or lightheaded, or start to develop a mild headache, end your session, hydrate, and get some rest.

Make a Sauna Part of Your Workout Routine

The benefits of using a sauna after your workout are obvious, and units are more accessible than ever. If you would like to make using a sauna after your workout a regular process, be sure to take a look at the models we have available at SaunaRay.