a picture of a SaunaRay far infrared sauna set up within an customers home gym

Including An Infrared Sauna in Your Home Gym

When it comes to staying in shape, many people have come to the conclusion that there’s no place like home for getting their workouts. After all, people with a home gym have the luxury of being able to exercise whenever it’s convenient for them. And for many, a gym simply isn’t a real gym unless it includes a far infrared sauna. Anyone who has spent time relaxing in the warm environment of a sauna will be able to see how useful it would be to have one in the home gym.

Indeed, home gyms have proven their worth when the coronavirus pandemic began.

“In light of the recent pandemic, many people are staying home, working remote, and social distancing. Following the indefinite closure of gyms, many people are turning to home workouts,” noted Socialbakers.

This means that if you are getting more of your exercise at home in your own gym since the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ll want to install a sauna so you can enjoy the feeling of relaxing in a warm environment after your workout.

What Is a Far Infrared Sauna?

A far infrared sauna is a modern, efficient take on the traditional sauna, which is a small room or building that heats your lungs until your body temperature rises enough to make you sweat. A little like inducing a fever. 

But “infrared” units bear little similarity to the traditional Finnish-style sauna. The maximum heat inside is around 150 degrees Fahrenheit, instead of over 200,” as noted by the New York Times. “Light wavelengths warm the body. There is no blast of hot air, no pouring water on heated rocks for steam, and users can sit safely for extended periods of time.” It’s a great way to relax after a hard day at work, or to include as part of your exercise regime when working out in your home gym.

Infrared heating elements are a more efficient way to heat a sauna because instead of overheating your lungs, they gently heat your skin until the sweat is induced. That means it’s easier and more comfortable to breathe, especially after a workout. While the room’s air remains dry, the infrared energy warms up your body, causing you to perspire. People who have experienced the super hot, moist traditional saunas and modern infrared saunas often remark that there’s much less maintenance involved in infrared saunas. There is no water, no need for drains or vents. Some units will simply plug into any regular household outlet and sit on the gym floor next to your work out equipment. What’s more, an infrared sauna starts working faster because it only needs to heat your body, not the entire room. This makes it a lot cheaper to operate. Usually only pennies per hour, instead of dollars. 

Because there is no water, you don’t need to wipe it down or clean it much. You can simply sit on a towel, wipe off the sweat as it comes, and throw the towels in the laundry when you’re done. Unlike moist saunas where the wood is subject to warping, saunas using far infrared energy are more stable, lasting longer without need of repairs.

The Experts at SaunaRay Are Standing By to Install a Far Infrared Sauna in Your Home Gym

If you have been thinking about installing a far infrared sauna in your home gym, chances are you will have some questions about how to get started. For example, you might prefer a customized sauna built to your particular specifications, or are more inclined to install a standard model.

The team at SaunaRay is standing by to help you select the perfect sauna for your home. SaunaRay is an original manufacturer of environmentally friendly medical-grade infrared saunas and can design or build any size you may need to fit your unique space. Our high-quality infrared saunas are used by the Ottawa Senators NHL hockey team, the Canadian Armed Forces, and many celebrity athletes who are known for their longevity in the sport. Having one at home is becoming more essential every day. We provide a wide range of environmentally friendly infrared saunas for installation in Canada, the US, and all around the world. Connect with us today to explore your options.