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Low EMF Infrared Saunas and Their Benefits

You have many choices when it comes to which type of sauna to install in your home or business. One of the biggest decisions is which type of sauna best meets your needs, such as a low EMF infrared sauna. Then there is the question of how many people you want the sauna to fit. Before you decide on those specifics, we believe it would be helpful to provide a brief refresher on saunas in general.  

A Basic Definition of Saunas

A sauna is a place where people go to relax and cleanse by exposing their bodies to heat in order to trigger sweat. Some saunas employ steam while others are steam-free. In other words, the heat directed towards your body can be either wet or dry. Saunas originated in Finland and Finnish immigrants are responsible for introducing the concept to Canada and the northern US. Most people think they feel amazing, if you can tolerate the heat.The main reasons people choose to install a sauna in their home is for the benefits of relaxation, easing muscle tension, and to eliminate toxins from the body.

As you sit in a sauna, the heat draws out toxins stored in the subcutaneous fat in your body when you sweat. Profuse sweating opens your pores and allows your skin to feel more hydrated, soft, and clean. In the early days when saunas were placed at cottages without electrical sources, the wood fired saunas were often used in place of a bath or a shower. An added benefit was the mild sense of euphoria, mental relaxation, and general sense of well-being afterward. 

Is a Low EMF Infrared Sauna Right for You?

EMF is an acronym for electrical/magnetic field. That is the energy released along an electrical power line of any sort.  All electrical devices emit EMF which has been shown to have negative effects on human health when people are exposed at high levels, or even at low levels for long periods such as 8 hours a day. The safest approach is to keep your personal exposure low. One way is to ensure there is distance between you and the electrical or magnetic field. That’s why your doctor might advise you to move the clock radio away from your bed at night. Moving it a few feet away from your head reduces the EMF exposure while you sleep.

The lowest EMF sauna is a wood-fired sauna. This is the only “zero-EMF” sauna because it heats with fire and does not use electricity. However, a wood-fired sauna is more cumbersome because it must be located outdoors, requires a regular supply of firewood, and often operates, at the highest heat of any type of sauna. 

The next level of “low-EMF” sauna is the electric high-temperature sauna. These heaters will emit a higher EMF than infrared saunas, but because the heater is so hot, you can’t really get close enough to it for the EMF to be harmful. EMF levels reduce dramatically over distances. Also, you are generally only inside these high-temperature European-style saunas for 5-10 minutes at a time due to the overwhelming heat. The drawback with this type of sauna is also the extremely high and intolerable temperature, as well as the higher electrical costs. In order to maintain 160-180F or 70-80C, these saunas require a lot of electricity, and a long time (40-60 minutes) to heat up. They must be constructed as a built-in house fixture or out-building. They require heavy insulation, a dedicated high amperage electrical supply, and a floor drain.  

Infrared saunas can be purchased in the wall components, shipped to your home, and easily set up in any room such as a bedroom. They heat up and are warm enough to go inside in only 10-15 minutes. They require no drains, no vents, and many models simply plug into any existing wall outlet. They are the best answer to the intolerable heat of traditional saunas and have been growing in popularity among Canadians for their convenience and contribution to people’s overall health and wellness plans. However, many of the models available are not made in Canada and are not compatible with the North American electrical grid. These saunas made in Asia and imported to Canada are reported to have a very high EMF coming from the heaters, the control timers, and the large transformers located in the ceiling or under the benches. 

Here at SaunaRay in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada, the low EMF infrared sauna is our signature product. It was originally designed and constructed in Canada to be compliant with the North American electrical grid. As such the heating system does not require a transformer to step down the current from 220 volts to 110 volts. Most of the imported saunas such as the carbon fiber heated styles require a further step down to 12 volts which requires a larger transformer that emits an EMF so strong that some people report feeling symptomatic with a mild headache, vertigo, or dehydration when inside. All of which can be confused as being caused by heat exposure, when they could actually be caused by the high EMF emitted by the imported electrical system. This is a good reason to avoid entering an infrared sauna that was not fully manufactured in North America.

SaunaRay’s natural ceramic infrared heating elements have a low electrical draw, no transformers, and are evenly spaced throughout the room. This creates a gentle, natural and even heat, along with a reduced EMF exposure for the user. This is one of the reasons why SaunaRay saunas are commonly used in schools of Naturopathic Medicine and medical clinics worldwide.  

Choose Your Home Sauna from a Manufacturer That Cares About the Environment

SaunaRay believes that we can all reduce our carbon footprint. This is the reason we source materials within 100 km of our factory and are transparent about our manufacturing process. Your low EMF infrared sauna from SaunaRay will not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins. Our company is here to support your health and not to harm it. To learn more about our saunas, please call us at 1-877-992-1100 or complete this information request form.