Right Side View of the Four Person Far Infrared Sauna Handmade by SaunaRay

Some Important Tips for Buying Your First Home Infrared Sauna

Owning a home infrared sauna provides a convenient way for you to relax and enjoy a pleasantly heated environment. When you’re buying an infrared sauna for the first time, it’s important to do some research before you decide which one to get. The following tips can help you choose the right infrared sauna for your house. 

Choose the Right Home Infrared Sauna Company

One of the first factors to consider is, where is the sauna made. Before you start to explore different saunas that are available, you should look for a company that makes its saunas without a lot of imported materials of unknown origin. Afterall, you’re heating it up and probably going in naked. You want it to be pure and natural so it doesn’t smell like hot plastic or glue when you sit inside. Take the time to find a company that builds saunas close to home, with locally selected materials. Environmentally friendly infrared saunas offer a guarantee that they are made from natural materials that don’t contain toxins or chemicals.

Check the Wood Quality

If you plan to get a home infrared sauna made from wood, make sure it’s made from high-quality and only natural materials. Your new sauna should be made from solid wood that’s thick enough to provide good insulation. Thicker wood helps reduce the amount of energy used and lowers the cost of running your sauna. Never accept plywood in any part of your sauna because it is manufactured with formaldehyde glue and you don’t want formaldehyde gas in your sauna when it starts to get hot. With high-quality natural wood, you can expect your new sauna to last for years without cracking or experiencing other signs of wear and tear.

Explore Heating Element Options

The heating elements in your infrared sauna should provide enough heat without increasing your core body temperature. Traditional saunas often have heating elements that are required to raise your body temperature in order to work. This can cause your sauna experience to be shorter and unpleasant. Some infrared saunas promote that they reach high temperatures in short periods. These are probably not actually infrared saunas. “Infra-red”  means “below-red”.  That means the element doesn’t get hot enough to glos red hot. As a result it takes longer to sweat, maybe 20 minutes, but you can breathe comfortably the whole time. An infrared sauna with silica-based ceramic heating elements is ideally designed to make you sweat while maintaining your normal body temperature. You should choose an infrared sauna that contains these ceramic heating elements, so that you can sit inside longer, and feel more comfortable.

Compare Warranties

Infrared saunas come with warranties that can vary considerably in length. Some places offer lifetime warranties that cover all of the necessary components, while other places only offer warranties that are good for about one year. For peace of mind, you should look for a company that offers lifetime warranties on infrared saunas. This helps ensure that you’ll be covered if you have any issues with your new infrared sauna. And when someone offers you a lifetime warranty, get the details, and ask how long they’ve been manufacturing saunas.

Think About Design and Layout

When choosing a home infrared sauna, you’ll need to consider its design and layout. Your sauna should have enough room for you and anyone else who will be using it. You should also think about where your sauna will go. Choosing a company that offers customized saunas can help to ensure that you get the ideal design and layout.

If you’re looking into getting a home infrared sauna, contact SaunaRay. Whether you want a sauna for one person or a larger size for the whole family, we can help you find the best one for your home. We have a wide selection of eco-friendly infrared saunas for homeowners in Canada, the U.S., and other parts of the world.