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Where To Buy The Best Infrared Sauna In Canada

You’ve finally decided to buy an infrared sauna, so you can reap all the benefits that infrared therapy has to offer. The only question is, where do I buy the best infrared sauna in Canada?

A quick google search for “best infrared sauna Canada” reveals thousands of hits to sift through. Suddenly, you’re served with ads from big box retailers, local buy and sells, and internet wood-working whiz kids just looking to hone their craft. And worst of all, cheap made in China products deceptively advertised as “All Canadian Wood”.  

All of these options can make buying a home sauna seem like an impossible task. Not only are infrared saunas a financial investment, but they are also an investment in your time, home, and overall well-being.

Fortunately, we can help safeguard you from making a purchasing decision you may regret later. Let’s get started with where to buy the best infrared sauna in Canada.

What Is An Infrared Sauna?

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If you’ve already decided to buy an infrared sauna, you likely know a thing or two about them. Let us explain infrared sauna therapy and how it works in case you are still in research mode.

In all likelihood, you’re familiar with the traditional sauna experience, where you can’t quite stand the extreme heat but you’ve told yourself you want to go inside and try it. You open the wooden door and hear the whoosh of steam escaping the room. In the corner, water is poured over heated rocks as more damp, hot air fills the room.

An infrared sauna is a much more gentle experience. It uses gentle and warm infrared heat instead of the traditional heated rocks that super heat the air and make it hard to breathe. Sometimes referred to as a far infrared sauna, a radiant heat sauna, or a full spectrum infrared sauna, this detoxifying room uses infrared heaters to gently heat your skin, not the air in the room.

Because of this change, the heat from infrared heating panels is less taxing on your lungs and your autonomic nervous system (the part of your body responsible for controlling your internal body temperature).

Are There Different Types of Infrared Saunas?

While a more traditional sauna with four wooden walls may be most appealing to some, others look for a portable infrared sauna with similar heating elements. An infrared sauna blanket, or zip-up bag, is often mistakenly advertised as a “sauna” but it’s actually made of vinyl, nylon or other petroleum products.

And what that blanket or bag is made of makes a big difference. Don’t forget you have to heat it up every time you use it, so unless that blanket is made with 100% natural materials, it is going to smell like chemicals every time you heat it. These are often described as “smelling like the Dollar Store is on fire.” Probably not what you’re looking for.

A traditional infrared sauna is made of solid wood, not plywood, and allows the user to sit up or lie down comfortably, depending on its size. Infrared saunas can be made for large groups for commercial purposes, in a family size for a group of four, or small enough to fit inside a closet.

Why Is An Infrared Sauna A Good Investment?

There are many reasons a person would buy an infrared sauna. Some enjoy adding a radiant sauna to their workout or wellness routines. Others love having the option of the simulated beach-like heat in the comfort of their own home, especially during cold Canadian winters.

Regardless of your reasons for purchasing, adding infrared sauna therapy to your routine is a great act of self-care. And when you’re purchasing an item with such potential, you’ll want to ensure the process of getting your new infrared sauna is as smooth as possible.

What To Look For In An Infrared Sauna Dealer or Manufacturer

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Infrared saunas may be widely available, but that doesn’t mean production standards are the same across the board.

When looking for an infrared sauna brand or dealer, you may want to consider the following: how close is their facility to your home? How much stock do they currently have? Where are their saunas manufactured? What are their shipping policies? Can I speak to a sales rep or technician? Does the seller actually make the product or are they just a reseller and up-marker

in the chain that started in China or somewhere else in Asia where it’s cheap, but not necessarily effective, to build a sauna for North America.

If the answer to any of the above questions gives you a moment of pause or worry, keep looking. The best infrared sauna dealers and manufacturers offer personalized service beyond the initial sale to help protect your investment and keep your mind at ease.

Where Are Their Products Manufactured?

Many infrared saunas on the market today are manufactured overseas and then rebranded for sale in Canada and the US. If you’re not careful, you will end up with a sauna that uses low-grade wood products, toxic plywood, and aftermarket electrical parts.

To buy the best infrared sauna in Canada, you want Canadian-made! An infrared home sauna can be a real showpiece, and the best manufacturers treat their constructions as such. Pay attention to the wood selected for your build, where it is sourced, and how it is sealed. If any of these elements are off-shore, you may want to pass.

How Environmentally Friendly Is Their Business?

It’s never been more critical than now to consider environmental sustainability when deciding which company to purchase from. Infrared saunas made overseas are churned out in large factories at an alarming pace.

The ecological stressors of mass production and shipping bulky products over thousands of miles cannot be ignored. Purchasing from a Canadian-based company with well-publicized environmental practices and a focus on sustainable development will help you feel good about your investment and its impact on our planet’s future.

Are Their Saunas Low EMF?

When shopping for an infrared sauna, you must ensure that the company you’re purchasing from makes low EMF (electromagnetic fields) saunas. While the medical understanding of EMF radiation is still evolving, electrically sensitive individuals can experience headaches, dizziness, nausea and other irritating sensations.

Do They Make Customizable Saunas?

An infrared heater is just four walls and a door, right?


Many infrared saunas available on the internet are just that. The same model is shown repeatedly, leading the casual consumer to believe that it doesn’t matter where they may buy from because they’re all the same anyways. The reason a lot of them look the same is because they’re coming from the same three or four factories in China, and being rebranded and re-sold by North American agents whose companies may not exist in two or three years.

The best manufacturers in Canada offer infrared saunas in various sizes and are even custom-built to each person’s unique needs. Their standard models will not follow the pack, and will look a little different from the rest.

Don’t settle for your standard two-seater when you want something that can fit three or more people. A good manufacturer will consider your capacity requirements and the space inside your home and ensure both work for you! They’ll even make you a tiny one of that’s all the space you have.

What Is Their Turnaround Time and Shipping Policy?

Mass production can lead to all sorts of issues regarding infrared saunas. In addition to the environmental implications, there’s also the issue of quality control. Mass production focuses on the speed and volume of goods at the expense of quality. Not to mention the “supply chain” problems, which is code for: Made in China.

The best infrared saunas in Canada are handmade by skilled woodworkers and technicians. They take time and care to produce, therefore, not many saunas are made yearly. In this case, the company’s focus is on its craft, the quality of its product, and the long term satisfaction of its customers.

This attention to detail extends to their shipping policies as well. Look for manufacturers who carefully create fully built components or even offer hand delivery within a certain distance from their factory site.

Is There a Warranty?

Infrared sauna manufacturers and dealers offer many different kinds of warranties. Some offer a limited-time warranty only, some offer to cover replacement parts without any service or installation, and some offer no warranty at all. Others have “Lifetime” warranties that are useless when the company folds or changes suppliers in 2-3 years after their imported saunas experience a mass failure.

Suppose you want the best protection for your investment. In that case, you may want to consider purchasing your infrared sauna from a manufacturer that offers a clearly stated lifetime warranty on the cabinets and heaters. These companies usually have a physical address where the saunas are made, and they can be found if you need them.

Your sauna should be around for as long as you want to use it. A lifetime warranty will help ensure that it is.

Start The Purchase Process Today

At SaunaRay, we’re happy to report that we meet or exceed all of the above standards for buying the best infrared sauna in Canada. We are proud of our manufacturing process, have wonderful and knowledgeable staff, and best of all, all of our saunas are handmade in Canada. We ship worldwide. At least half of our clients are in the US and we ship to American homes and clinics every week.

Get in touch with our team, and we’ll be happy to start you down the path of infrared sauna ownership today!