Why a 1 Person Infrared Sauna Is a Must for Your Condo or Apartment

Do you know that feeling of lying on a sun-drenched beach? Remember how calm and peaceful you felt when the sun penetrated your skin and warmed you all over? You can experience this same glorious sensation at home, even in the coldest of winters, with the addition of a 1 person infrared sauna to your condo or apartment.

An infrared sauna has multiple benefits over both a steam shower and a high temperature European style sauna. If you’re searching for a home upgrade that pampers your body and soul while raising the resale value of your unit, consider the many benefits of adding an infrared sauna. You can stand it on the floor like a cabinet, and plug it into the wall outlet like a tv set. No drains. No vents. It’s that simple.

What Is an Infrared Sauna?

Unlike a steam sauna, an infrared version needs no water source. For homeowners, this translates into an easy install that doesn’t require running new water lines or tapping into existing plumbing. As a result, your new sauna can be installed in minutes into any room of your unit, including your master bedroom.

This type of sauna uses gently warm far infrared heat, or FIR, instead of super hot moisture, to heat your body. It still makes you sweat profusely, but without making you feel overheated. It works by heating your body directly, without heating the surrounding air. So you breathe normally in the gentle warm air, but over time, say 20-30 minutes, you sweat like a marathoner. Your new 1-person infrared sauna is perfectly safe to use and will not leave a mark on your condo floor or walls.

Why Do I Need A 1 Person Infrared Sauna at Home?

There has never been a better time than now to consider sanitation and cleanliness. An at-home sauna poses none of the health risks that a public sauna offers. It’s a safe, reliable alternative to the gym and the local steam room. It’s easy to keep clean, and that it’s located conveniently inside your home means no trek to town in the wee hours of a frosty morning to feel the heat of a sauna. It’s right there at the foot of your bed, or even hidden in an alcove or a closet.

An attractive, professionally installed infrared sauna is also a key selling point when you’re ready to move on. Homebuyers love the idea of added luxury. And if you purchase your 1 person infrared sauna from a reputable company that utilizes green practices, it may actually add to the resale value of your unit. Likewise, a well-built sauna can make the move with you and become a family heirloom to be passed down through the generations. They will generally come apart into the wall components and can be loaded into the back of the average minivan or pick up truck or small trailer.

What Makes SaunaRay Far Infrared Saunas the Right Choice?

When you’re ready to purchase your 1 person infrared sauna, SaunaRay is the solution. Using only local, sustainable Canadian basswood and handcrafted in Canada, our saunas are free of toxic compounds and harsh chemicals. Because we care about our customers, we care about our planet. When you purchase a SaunaRay far infrared sauna, you’re not participating in the decimation of an ancient forest or investing in subpar materials. Instead, you’re investing in an ethically sourced product designed with a lifetime guarantee to last for generations. Contact us today to see all we have to offer, or visit us online for more information.