A man lying down inside a 3 person infrared sauna made by SaunaRay

Why a Low EMF Infrared Sauna is So Important

Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are essentially unseen areas of energy, and they’ve been subject to plenty of debate over the past few decades. From fatigue to depression, undue exposure to these invisible forces has been linked to any number of psychological symptoms. Some research has shown even more severe conclusions, including that of DNA damage or even cancer.

Saunas are typically made with powerful heaters that can increase your exposure to these fields, so we take a look at why a low EMF infrared sauna can help you protect yourself and your family if you have concerns about your mental or physical health.

Infrared Vs. Traditional Saunas

When people think of saunas, they tend to think of them as extremely hot places with heavy air. An infrared sauna works with the body through, gently warming your skin, instead of overheating your lungs. Infrared saunas tend to be more comfortable for people because the air is not overpoweringly hot, making them popular options for anyone who has to use one on a regular basis.

Saunas aren’t just good for the body, they’re also good for the mind. People use them as a means to decrease harmful stress and provide a relaxing oasis in their own home or business.

Yet the rewards become murkier when you factor in the presence of EMFs. These forces have been linked to a potential increase in exactly the kinds of symptoms you’re trying to reduce (e.g., anxiety), which can understandably make people wary about the net positives of each session.

Why a Low EMF Infrared Sauna Can Have Life-Changing Effects

EMFs aren’t just in saunas, they’re created by all of our devices. And while there’s no denying that electronics have been a part of our lives now for many years, there’s also no denying that our collective mental and physical health has been declining too. Researchers and doctors may not agree as to the extent of harm that EMFs cause, but all the same, it seems better to avoid them whenever possible.

Most infrared saunas are imported from Asia, like so many things for sale on the internet or even in big box stores across North America. When it comes from another continent, it may be wired for their electrical system and not ours. That’s why imported saunas come with built-in transformers and those can emit a high level of electrical and magnetic radiation.

This is why SaunaRay built the original low EMF sauna, right here in Canada. Every part of your SaunaRay is made in North America and compatible with the electrical grid that services your home. Should you choose to import your sauna, you will be saddled with an unavoidable EMF problem. 

Nowhere else will you find a sauna with lower EMFs in the world. Emitting just 0.2 milligauss anywhere you sit inside the sauna, it’s 10 times lower than the limit deemed as safe. According to Dr. Magda Havas PhD., an Associate Professor in environmental studies at Trent University in Canada, SaunaRay units don’t have the same high magnetic fields as other products on the market. She verified that this is the lowest field of any saunas her team has measured.

Turning to Sweat as the Solution

Sweat is a natural defense that our bodies have long utilized to help stave off anything from disease to pain. At SaunaRay, we’re helping our clients discover what was long inside them already and providing an effective path to staying healthy every day. Made by hand and built for function, a low EMF infrared sauna can give you everything you need, and nothing that you don’t.