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Low EMF Infrared Saunas and Their Benefits

You have many choices when it comes to which type of sauna to install in your home or business. One of the biggest decisions is which type of sauna best meets your needs, such as a low EMF infrared sauna. Then there is the question of how many people you want the sauna to fit…. Continue reading →

Prepare for the Most Beneficial Infrared Sauna Session in 5 Steps

Using a comfortable warm infrared sauna to support health and well-being has become a popular alternative to traditional super hot saunas. These units heat up your body and produce the same effects without excessive levels of heat. Unlike a regular steam sauna, infrared saunas deliver about 80 percent of the generated heat right to your… Continue reading →

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How an Infrared Sauna May Help Winter Blues

Having trouble getting through this winter of discontent?  If it’s cold and cloudy where you are, there is no wonder why you might have a hard time feeling your happiest. The “winter blues” are experienced by many people at some point every winter, depending how cold and how dark it is where you live. It’s… Continue reading →